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  • SoftBank Robotics

  • Adobe

  • TransferWise

  • Vanilla Air


Keep project management costs down with Backlog. Track project progress, communicate with external vendors, and boost individual productivity across your company.

Softbank Robotics uses Backlog to keep projects on track and manage partner inquiries.

Information Technology

Get faster feedback from teammates to make decisions in record time. Backlog tracks project progress so you can seeing which tasks are running smoothly and which are falling behind.

Fusic improves collaboration with customers on Backlog.

Backlog keeps Atware’s reports and issues organized.

Software & Online Services

Backlog lets you manage projects and collaborate with other teams right next to your code. Review pull requests and keep track of changes for sound version control.

Shikumi Designs tackles more complex projects using Backlog.

Backlog makes Weblio’s file sharing easier and more efficient.

Transportation & Logistics

Organize and share information seamlessly across teams, departments, and countries. Backlog makes it easy to complete projects faster with swift collaboration.

Vanilla Air uses Backlog to deliver seamless digital campaigns across multiple countries in record time.

Reesink Logistic Solutions uses Backlog to organize daily workflow, deliver results on schedule, and increase productivity.


Work seamlessly with internal and external teams to deliver projects quickly and efficiently. Create greater clarity and accountability around every piece of work from start to finish.

Books Kinokuniya uses Backlog to track work issues, share knowledge and increase team alignment.

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