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Reesink Logistic Solutions is part of Royal Reesink, one of Europe’s largest distributors of machinery and components for the construction equipment industry, logistics warehousing, agriculture, and landscape maintenance. Reesink designs, produces, and supplies components for large-scale warehouses. Its services include warehouse automation, logistics, and internal transport.

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As a fast-growing company, Reesink Logistic Solutions needed a tool to smoothly organize the daily workflow, manage projects, deliver results with tight deadlines, and increase work productivity overall.


Reesink Logistic Solutions is a fast-growing company, in two years the number of employees grew from 30 to 120. Due to this growth, the company needed a tool to smoothly organize the daily workflow, manage projects, deliver results with tight deadlines, and increase work productivity overall.

Jacco Donders, Senior Mechanical Engineer at Reesink Logistic Solutions, decided it was time to start looking for a Project Management tool.

“I felt we needed a tool that was easy to use for everyone in the company and that at the same time would give us the possibility to control and manage our work in one place.”

How Backlog helped

Jacco introduced Backlog in the company to manage projects, create a protocol for rules and responsibilities, manage stakeholders, and control issues.

With Backlog, Reesink Logistic Solutions has started managing all its projects in one single place that is accessible to everyone within the organization. Now everyone can have access to the most updated information on the status of a project.

“Many companies still handle projects and tasks in Excel sheets, which sounds crazy. In the same organization, some people have the document stored on their laptop, others on some Cloud service… that was not the way we wanted to manage our work and certainly, we didn’t see it as a viable option to achieve our goals and increase our productivity.”

Thanks to Backlog, the company reduced drastically the number of emails, and miscommunication issues or lost information. Collaboration and communication between teams have become easier. And when an email is sent out to discuss a task, the text always includes a link to the relevant Backlog ticket that has now become the central point of information for every team in the company.

“If one of my team members tells me that we have a problem with one of our projects, I ask him to log in to his Backlog account, and notify it in the related issue or child issue, so everyone can be aware of it. Backlog is an amazing tool for keeping track of everything.”

The company also uses Backlog as a central storage for critical information, finding the possibility to include images, videos, and links in the ticket extremely helpful.

“Let’s say the layout of a factory has been changed: We store the new one on Backlog so that the team working on site can always have access to the most updated version and, if necessary, also look at the previous layouts.”

Backlog helps Reesink Logistic Solutions’ team members stay on track with their tasks, deliver results, and meet deadlines.

“Usually, when I organize a project I assign Issues to each member of the team, then we schedule weekly meetings where we go through the Backlog open tickets. For instance, if someone has 20 open Issues, we decide what issue should be solved by the next meeting and the following week the same person will have only 15 Issues.

Using Backlog helps us improve our workflow and stay on track with the project’s deadlines, it creates the kind of good pressure that makes you look at your tasks and do what you have to do on time.”

Backlog is also used by the Management Team to check how a project is developing and to make the right decisions on several kinds of topics: from financial to mechanical and electrical issues.

“If my manager asks me how a project is progressing, instead of talking for one hour I simply log into Backlog and show him that in a week we went from 120 open points to 80, I can easily show him what kind of progress we made and the main problems that require his help to solve.”


Backlog helps Reesink Logistic Solutions achieve short- and long-term goals when working on delivering a project to a client.

It improves the information flow and communication among teams, it drastically reduces the time spent discussing the status of a project in meetings and by emails, and it helps teams stay on track with tasks, issues, and deadlines.

Ultimately, Backlog helps the Management Team have an overall picture of every project and make the smartest decisions to make them progress successfully.

“I use Backlog every day. No matter if I am at the office or at a construction site: I turn on my computer or my mobile device, I update a ticket or check for the latest on the status of a project. If you are managing multiple projects and teams, and you need to deliver great results on time for your clients, Backlog is the tool you need.”

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