If the introduction of a Wiki goes well, the number of people adding pages as well as the amount of information available will steadily increase. Eventually, this can make searching for information more difficult, but we have some tips on how to handle the situation.

Establish separate company-wide Wiki and project Wikis

Having read this far, you might be wondering if an organization can/should have only a single Wiki. However, it's normal for a single organization to use several Wikis for different reasons.

Many organizations have both a company-wide Wiki and project Wikis. The company-wide Wiki generally hosts information that is always relevant while project Wikis focus on individual initiatives. Because projects are by nature restricted to a limited period of time and a limited number of participants, it's unnecessary to have project-specific information on the company-wide Wiki. Having a dedicated project Wiki also makes it easy to know where to find project-specific information quickly.

However, if your organization is small or engages in few project-based initiatives, separating your Wikis may not be necessary—and in fact may simply make searching for information more difficult.

We recommend every organization start with a single Wiki, and separate it into individual project-based Wikis once team members have gotten the hang of things.