Now it's time to start actually adding your Wiki! First off, let's create a new page. There are two methods of adding a page.

Method 1: Using the “+” button

You can add a new wiki page by clicking the “+” icon in the top-right of the Wiki page.

Using this method, the page won't be linked to other pages automatically. Be sure to add links to the page later to ensure it's easy to find.

Method 2: Using the linked title

STEP 1 Edit your Wiki's Home page

Click the edit icon in the top-right of your Wiki's Home page to display the page editing screen.

If you've just created a new Space, the Home page will display hints on how to use the Wiki. Give them a quick read. When you're done, go ahead and delete them. Since everyone will see this page, we're going to rewrite it to make it easier to use.

STEP 2 Write a title enclosed in brackets

We're now going to try adding a page called “Test”. You can delete the current Home page content and add the following into the page contents field:

Markdown notation

# Tutorial
This is a [[Test]].

Backlog notation

* Tutorial
This is a [[Test]].
When you're done, click the “Submit” button at the top or bottom of the screen.

STEP 3 Click the linked title

When you save your changes, the word “Test” will become a link on the page as seen below.

When you click this link, you'll be brought to a new page creation screen with the page name automatically set to “Test.”

STEP 4 Create “Test” page

Copy and paste the text below into the page contents field, and then click the “Submit” button. A “Test” page will be created.

Markdown notation

This is a test page.
On a Wiki, you can **bold** text, ~~strikethrough~~ text,

* and create lists
* like this.

Backlog notation

This is a test page.
On a Wiki, you can "bold" text, %%strikethrough%% text,

- and create lists
- like this.

Once the changes are saved, the page should look like this:

You've now made your first new page and linked to it from the Home page! You can return to the Wiki's Home page and click the “Test” link. This will redirect you to the created Test page rather than the page creation screen.