New @mentions make notifications easy

New @mentions make notifications easy

Making it easy to keep your team in the loop about updates is crucial for transparency. With our new @mention feature for notifications, you can quickly tag the right team members inline in your comments and issue descriptions.

Mention feature

Mentions in Backlog

Rather than adding users to the notification box to bring attention to updates, you can now mention users directly in your text using the @ symbol and their Unique ID.

Just type the “@” symbol and start writing out their name. A members dropdown list will appear with all relevant Unique IDs. Click on the one you want, and that user is tagged directly.

Using Mentions

When viewing mentions in Backlog, you can hover over the unique ID to display the full name and user profile picture of the tagged person.

Viewing Mentions

Mentioning teams & participants

You can also mention teams or participants (i.e., users who have already been tagged previously within an issue). Once you save your comment or issue, all will be notified directly.

Administrators can manage teams within Backlog or organization-wide across all of our services with a Nulab Account.

Project transparency is simpler than ever with mentions. Try them today!

Brandi Gratis Brandi is a Content Marketing Manager at Nulab — the creators of Backlog, Cacoo, and Typetalk. She regularly contributes and edits content for all of Nulab's websites and blogs.