You usually can't write a Wiki page in HTML. Instead, you use a simpler set of rules that still contain some of the features of HTML text formatting. The way you write your articles will depend on the Wiki you use.

Backlog's Wikis support two sets of text formatting rules. Whichever you select will apply to your entire Project.

The formatting rules supported in Backlog are:

  • Markdown notation
  • Backlog notation

If you've created a new Backlog Space

If you've just set up your new Backlog Space, Markdown notation will be selected automatically. In most cases, there's no problem with continuing to use Markdown notation.

You can skip ahead to Adding a page.

If you're using an existing Backlog Space

If you're using an existing Backlog space, you should check which notation your Wiki is using by default. You can check this on the page editing screen: just go to your Wiki page and click the “Edit” icon in the top-right to open the page editing screen.

If it says “Text formatting rules (Markdown)” in the top-right of the editing screen, that Wiki is using Markdown notation. If it says “Text formatting rules (Backlog),” it's using Backlog notation.

We'll use both in our examples moving forward, so be sure to follow the example that matches your formatting selection.

Click on “Show full text formatting rules” in the “Text formatting rules” box and you can view the details of your Markdown (or Backlog) notation.