Wikis contain a History feature that makes it easy to review past edits or even restore a page to its previous state at any time.

Once you understand how to use the History feature, you'll never have to worry about making mistakes when editing pages again.

First, open the “Test” page we've been using for this tutorial. Click the “…” button to the right of the Edit button to display the “History” menu.

Click “History” to see all edits that have been made to that page. If you've followed each step of this tutorial, you should see a page history like the one shown below. The list shows who updated the page and when.

Click version number “1” on this history list.

You can now view the page as it was when we first created it, as shown below.

There is a “Restore this version” button in the top-left of the screen. Pressing this button will display the following dialog.

Click the “Restore” button to return the page to its former state. Then return to the page history list once again, and you can see that the page has one more item in its history.

If you click on “View changes from previous version” on this list, you can see the specific changes made in that version.

In practice, this has many applications. For example, if someone edits a page you made, you can use this feature to see what they changed. If something is incorrect, you can either correct it or revert to an older version.