What sort of systems and equipment does Backlog use?

Data Center
The servers are located in a data center with 24/7/365 surveillance and security.

Our server has Linux installed.

Auto Updates of Security Patch
We maintain the security by updating the server software to protect security problems automatically.
We also have solid security system even if it cannot be done automatically.

Disabling unnecessary services and ports
We disable the unnecessary services that are initially programmed to start by default. Also we publicize the minimum numbers of ports.

Firewall prevents unauthorized access to the server.

Encrypted data transfer by SSL
With SSL, the communication between web browser and server is encrypted. It helps to prevent your data from losing or being edited, or spoofing.

Backlog Security
Backlog strives for the higher security. We always verify the common attacks (such as XSS).
If there are any problems, we notify on the "bugs and requests" or "system failure information" on the web sites immediately and we'll deal with these problems promptly.

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