What is the purchasing procedure for Enterprise?

The purchasing procedure of Enterprise is as follows.

  1. Please start your Enterprise trial https://www.backlog.com/pricing/
  2. After submitting the requested information, you will be directed to download the trial version.
  3. We email you with a trial license key that's valid for 30 days.
  4. During the trial period, contact us to confirm your order of Backlog Enterprise.
  5. We will then issue the full license and invoice.

If you are considering Enterprise, we recommend checking it out with the trial version, so you can also check the function side before purchase. If you decide to purchase Enterprise, please place an order with the order form. After you receive an invoice from us, please arrange to pay by the due date stated.

• Is there a difference between the full license and trial license?

There are no functional differences between the full license and trial license.

After purchasing a license and getting the full license key, if you set up the full license in that environment, you can operate it in the same way as the trial version. The full license can be chosen from Backlog's management screen. You can manage the full license key from the management page.

• Reference: How to update your license key

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