Let Backlog help you manage inquiries!

Backlog now lets you add inquiries as issues automatically for faster organisation.

How will this help me?

Never miss another important inquiry or respond late to one.

Save yourself the terrible chore of sieving through a mountain of unimportant messages. The automated process of having inquiries added as issues lets you attend to them right away as soon as they arrive.

Have information about the progress and the people in charge at the tip of your fingers.

Establish an efficient support system by knowing who takes care of which inquiries and whether they have been resolved.

Don't miss another inquiry.
Assign tasks and delegate them with minimal effort on Backlog.

Backlog's 'Add issues via email' feature will create a new issue automatically by forwarding an inquiry from the contact form to a specified email address.
Issue details such as the assignee, deadline and category can be registered and shared among project members for smoother operations.

Don't miss another inquiry.<br />Assign tasks and delegate them with minimal effort on Backlog.

Steps to set up 'Add issue via email' feature

  • Sign up for Backlog

    If you have not used Backlog before, you can register for a new account at backlogtool.com. Subscribe to a free plan, or try out one of our paid plans in a 30-days free trial.

  • Add project

    Create a new project in which you want to deploy the new feature, or use it on existing projects.

  • Configure settings

    Access the settings for 'Add issues via email' feature. Go to Project settings > Add issues via email > Add an email address authorized to add issues. Input details such as the assignee and people to notify.
    * Only administrators can access this page.

    Configure settings

  • Add forwarding email address

    Ensure that all messages from the inquiry form will be forwarded to this email address.

    Add forwarding email address

Voilà! You're all set to go.
We hope this automated process will help simplify your work and make it more manageable. Enjoy!