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Collaborate on work from anywhere

Visualize progress
See issue updates and status changes with Kanban‑style‑boards
Notify the right people
Clients and non-technical teams easily track projects step‑by‑step
Move projects forward in stages
Break down large tasks into subtasks to increase transparency and efficiency
Optimize your workflow
View all tasks in one place and quickly batch update
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    Features that enhance your remote development process

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    Your source of information

    Create a database of wikis everyone can reference, from anywhere. Create sub-wikis for nitty gritty details.

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    What do our customers say?

    We work across different time zones, and Backlog is great for our international projects. In conjunction with real‑time collaborative software, we are able to use Backlog for high‑level project organization.

    Jim H. Applications Engineer

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    Customize Backlog to fit your needs by using one of our integrations or building your own.

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