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Why choose Backlog over Jira?

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It's simpler
Backlog is an easy to use, light-weight issue tracker that has everything you need to manage projects as a small team.
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It has Git
Backlog is fully integrated with Git and SVN so you can review code, add issues, and track projects all in one place.
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It's free for 10 users
Backlog is completely free for small teams. Manage your entire project and track issues for $0. It's free forever!

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Backlog Jira
Free for up to 10 users Check icon
Integrated wiki Check icon
Integrated with Git & SVN Check icon
Project and issue tracking Check icon Check icon
Custom workflows Check icon Check icon
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All-in-one project tracking tool

Jira alternative

Issue tracking

Backlog is a free Jira alternative for simple, straightforward issue management. Track project progress, organize tasks, and visualize work remaining with Gantt charts.

Jira alternative: issue tracking

BitBucket alternative

Git & SVN hosting

Manage source code and documentation right next to your projects with private repositories. Backlog is completely free for teams up to ten while BitBucket limits you to just five free users.

Jira alternative: issue

Confluence alternative

Wiki software

Backlog is a free Confluence alternative for development teams. Collaborate on wikis in a simple markdown editor and keep track of changes with versions.

Jira alternative: issue

Import from Jira

With our Jira importer, you can easily import all your Jira projects into Backlog. Simply download the jar file and run in command line.

Supports cloud-based Jira accounts. See GitHub for more details.

Compare annual pricing

Backlog is a more affordable alternative to Jira for teams of all sizes. Get all the features you need to track issues without the hefty price tag.

Backlog Jira Annual savings with Backlog
11 users $350 $924 $574
30 users $350 $2,520 $2,170
100 users $1,000 $7,000 $6,000

Highly rated by users and experts

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  • Free

    $ 0 / month
    • Includes 10 users
    • Includes 1 project
    • 100 MB of storage
  • Starter

    $ 35 / month
    • Includes 30 users
    • Includes 5 projects
    • 1 GB of storage
  • Premium

    $ 175 / month
    • Unlimited users
    • Unlimited projects
    • 100 GB of storage
    • Gantt charts
    • Custom fields
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Integrate the tools you need

Customize Backlog to fit your needs by using one of our integrations or building your own.

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“We tested other PM tools, but the UIs were too complicated for everyone to master. Backlog offered both functionality and intuitiveness.”

Shintaro Sugimoto
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