Backlog is the Jira alternative for bug tracking

Streamline your bug reporting process and get a complete view of unresolved issues in a glance with Backlog.

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Why choose Backlog over Jira?

  • It’s simpler.

    Backlog is a light-weight issue tracker that has everything you need to manage projects as a small team. Plus, it’s easy for clients and non-technical team members to use.

  • It has Git.

    Backlog is fully integrated with Git and SVN so you can review code, add issues, and track projects all in one place.

  • It’s free for 10 users.

    Backlog is completely free for small teams of up to 10 users. Manage your entire project and track issues for $0. Yes, it's free forever!

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Compare Annual Pricing

Backlog is a more affordable alternative to Jira for teams of all sizes. Get all the features you need to track issues without the hefty price tag.

11 users
30 users
100 users
Jira $924 $2,520 $7,000
Backlog $350 $350 $1,000

Backlog vs. Jira

Backlog is a free JIRA alternative for simple, straightforward issue management. Track project progress, organize tasks, and visualize work remaining with Gantt charts.

Backlog Jira
Free for 10 users
Git & SVN repositories
Project and issue tracking
Custom workflows
Gantt chart

Import from Jira

With our Jira importer, you can easily import all your Jira projects into Backlog.

Simply download the jar file and run in command line.

  1. Execute export command
  2. Fill in mapping file blanks
  3. Execute import command

Supports cloud-based Jira accounts. See Github for more details.

See the big picture

Visualize your project workflow with a Kanban-style board. See which tasks have been completed, which are in progress, and which are falling behind.

Features that enhance your development workflow

  • Comments

    Use comments to answer questions, suggest changes, and provide feedback.

  • File sharing

    Attach files to comments or upload them to centrally located file folders.

  • Custom fields

    Create custom categories that fit your team's unique workflow.

  • Milestones

    Differentiate phases within projects to keep everyone on schedule.

  • Email integration

    Add issues, reply to mentions, and post comments to pull requests via email.

  • Notifications

    Notify specific team members when something requires their attention.

Stay updated from anywhere

Create, comment, and update tasks on the go. Backlog's native apps are free and automatically sync with your online workspace.

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