This is the toolbar for creating Wiki.
The styles below are available.

Inserting Page Link
This button is used for inserting a link to other Wiki pages. By clicking it and selecting the name of the Wiki that you want to link to, the link tag will be inserted at the current cursor position.
Import contents from other Wiki
This button is used for importing the contents of other Wiki page. By choosing the Wiki page from the combo box, its contents will be imported to the current cursor position.
Make selected texts bold or clear bold.
Make selected texts italic or clear italic.
Make selected texts strike or clear strike.
Bulleted List
Make selected lines bulleted list or remove the list style.
Numbered List
Make selected lines numbered list or remove the list style.
Make selected words as quotes or remove quotes.
Code Macro
Make selected words code macro or remove the macro style.
Insert a sample table.
External Link
Insert a sample external link.
Show Emoticons
Pressing this button shows/hides emoticons.
Insert Cacoo Diagram
Insert diagrams drawn with Cacoo.
Insert File
Insert tags to link to the attached files or images. Clicking this button will open "file browser" and show the list of attached files.
Choose one of the links in "action" and tag will be inserted in the editing area.