Multiple "Version/Milestone" can be added for each project. (Administrator and Normal Users are given permissions.)
By linking version and milestone for issues, added Version/Milestone will help to grasp the upcoming versions and release plans.

Key Version Milestone
SAMPLE-5 0.8  
SAMPLE-6 0.9  
SAMPLE-7 0.9  


Version can be used to specify the certain version that the issue is related to.

Key Version Milestone
SAMPLE-5 0.8 1.0
SAMPLE-6 0.9 1.0
SAMPLE-7 0.9 1.1


Setting milestone for issues, you can set the release plan.
Milestones manage which update will include the solution for each issue.
For example, after the recent update of the program, it had 3 more issues to be solved.
The team decided that among the 3 issues, solutions for SAMPLE-5 and SAMPLE-6 will be included in version 1.0 and solution for SAMPLE-7 will be postponed till version 1.1.
The milestones will be as shown on the right.
At first, the team can concentrate on the issues with milestones are 1.0.