Summary of Git

Git is one of the distributed version control systems to manage source codes efficiently.
By pressing "Enable Git on this project" on Project settings > Git settings, Git tab will be shown in the project menu and you'll be able to use Git on Backlog.

Repositories created on Backlog can be accessed via SSH or HTTP.

Each URL is:

  • SSH: [Space ID][Project key]/[Repository name].git
  • HTTP: https://[Space ID][Project key]/[Repository name].git



For SSH connection, you can access the repository by registering SSH public key on Backlog.
For HTTP connection, you can access the repository with your Backlog ID and password.

Unlike the Subversion repository, multiple Git repositories can be created for each project.

Only administrators and normal users can access repositories on Backlog server and Git pages. Other users, such as reporters and goes users, cannot access the repositories.