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By default, the dashboard shows 10 issues that are assigned to you.
Click "Show all" to view the rest of your assigned issues.

Click the "Pull requests" tab to show the pull requests that were created by or assigned to you.

Select "Filter" to show certain pull requests.


  • Assigned to me
  • Created by me

Due date:

  • All - All issues
  • 4 Days - Issues due within 4 days
  • Due Today - Issues due today
  • Overdue - Overdue issues

Number of issues is shown in [ ]

Filter the results by entering the issue's subject or key in the search bar.

Edit: Clicking on the "Update my issues at once" button will direct you to the "Update issues at once" page. Please refer here for information regarding the operations on "Update issues at once" page.

Pressing calendar button besides "My issues", you'll get the URL to import the calendar of your assigned issues.
The URL can be used on calendar applications such as Apple's iCal or Google Calendar.