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Project Management

Organize, discuss, and track work all in one place

  • Track project progress and organize all your tasks, files, and code in one place
  • Visualize work remaining in projects with Gantt charts
  • Create and assign issues to track tasks within your team
  • Easy for clients and non-technical teams to give feedback

Built-in Wiki Software

Create your own database of wikis

  • Create your own database of wiki's and organize them by topic in projects
  • Subwiki's allow you to create folders for nitty gritty details
  • New members can reference wikis to track progress from previous work

Team Collaboration

Communication that's clear and efficient

  • Collaborate on issues and share work with the whole team
  • Assign tasks to different members and notify them when a change has been made
  • Comments allow you to quickly give feedback & share updates with the team

Features that enhance your development process

Backlog makes your work processes easier with features created specifically with your team in mind.

Whether it's sharing files, monitoring code changes, or taking your work on the go, we've made sure it's possible for you to get it all done.

  • Gantt charts

    Gantt charts

    Visualize work remaining with Gantt charts and burndown charts.

  • Git & SVN

    Git & SVN

    Monitor and review code changes with private Git and SVN repositories.

  • File sharing

    File sharing

    Keep project details together with centrally located file folders.

  • Mobile apps

    Mobile apps

    Get issue updates from anywhere using our iOS and Android apps.

We used to manage and share bug reports by email, but they would get lost or forgotten. Backlog improved how we managed these reports.

Koichiro Takenaga Engineer