Backlog Startup Guide

To make the Startup Guide more useful for you, we have divided it into three main user categories. Please select the category that is most relevant to you.

  • Space Owner

    The Space Owner has access to all settings.

    If you are the one who registered your Backlog Space, you are the Space Owner. In addition to what Administrators can do, you have the ability to set Access Control (for Premium and Max plan only), change your Backlog plan, change the Space Owner and cancel the contract.

    Click here for the Space Owner's Guide
  • Administrator

    Administrators manage the Space. Multiple users can take on the role of administrator.

    If you see "Space Settings" on the Dashboard, you are an Administrator. In addition to what Normal Users can do, you have the ability to create and edit projects and users.

    Click here for the Administrator's Guide
  • Normal User

    Normal users can perform the basic operations in projects. If you are neither a Space Owner nor an Administrator, you are a normal user*.
    Normal users can add, edit and view issues, post comments, change the status of issues, add and edit categories and milestones/versions.

    *Normal users can also include other types of users. For example, those who are just "Viewers" can only view data in projects and are unable to add issues or comments. More information can be found in the guide.

    Click here for the User's Guide