You can check and review code differences in Backlog. Reviewers can check the changes made from the "File" tab.

If you find things that need to be modified, you can comment on the source code. Click the plus button that appears on the target row when you mouse over.

Enter what you want to be modified and the users you want to inform. Then click "Register".

Your comments are embedded inline in the source code and also posted to the “Comment” tab.

Review the content, and modify the source code accordingly.

var sortNumber = function (number) { number.sort(function (a, b) { if (a === b) { return 0; } return a < b ? -1 : 1; }); }; var number = [19, 3, 81, 1, 24, 21]; sortNumber(number); console.log(number);

Now that the correction is complete, commit and push again.

$ git add sort.js $ git commit -m "<commit_message>" $ git push origin add-sort-func

"Fix to use the strict equality operator (===)"

Comment on the pull request created earlier to indicate that it's fixed.