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Create issues

Each issue in Backlog represents a piece of work within a project. Issues help you and your team stay organized, assess progress, and make important decisions along the way.

  1. Login to your Backlog space.

    If this is your first time logging in, locate your Backlog invitation email, which will include your User ID, Password, and Space URL. Click on the Space URL, and enter your User ID and Password.

    Invitation Email
  2. Select a Project from your Dashboard.

    Dashboard Projects

    You will be directed to the Project Home page where you will see the 50 most recent updates sorted in chronological order, with the latest update at the top.

  3. From your Project Home page, select “Add Issue.”

    Add Issue
  4. At minimum, enter in a Subject and Description. You should also select an Assignee to be in charge of completing the issue.

    Issue Information
  5. Add any additional info relevant to the task.

  6. Click the “Add” button to save your issue.

    Back on the Project Home page, you will find your newly added issue listed.

    Activity Feed Issue

Once your issue has been created, you and others can begin leaving comments.