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Invite Users

You will need to send a Backlog invitation to new users to add them to Projects. Existing users can easily be added to Projects at any time by an Administrator.

  1. Go to your Space Settings.

    When you click on your profile image in the upper right-hand corner of your Dashboard, a dropdown menu will appear. Click on the “Space Settings” option.

    Space Settings
  2. Under “User Settings,” select “User,” and then “Add User”.

    Add User
  3. Select role for the user you want to invite to your organization. Next, enter email address and send a personal message.

    User Information 1 User Information 2

    While “Normal User” is the recommended role for most users, you can determine which role to select using this comparison chart.

    Administrator Project Administrator Normal User Reporter Viewer Guest Reporter Guest Viewer
    Edit Space * 1
    Project Administrator Settings
    Add/Delete projects
    Edit projects
    Add/Edit/Delete issue type
    Add/Edit/Delete categories
    Add/Edit/Delete version/milestone
    Add users
    Edit/Delete users
    View issues
    Add issues
    Edit issues
    Delete issues
    Add/Edit/Delete comments
    Attach files to issues
    Delete attached files to issues
    View Wiki
    Add/Edit/Delete Wiki
    View/Add/Edit/Delete shared files
    Access/View/Commit Subversion
    Change personal settings

    When project administrators are given permission to manage each other, they can add/delete other project administrators in Project Settings.

  4. Click the “Submit” button to invite your users.

Once you've added users to your Projects, you can begin adding issues for your team to complete.