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Manage Project Settings

You can customize many aspects of your projects. Enable charts and subtasking, select formatting rules, or dive deeper into Version/Milestones or Webhooks.

  1. Go to your Space Settings.

    When you click on your profile image in the upper right-hand corner of your Dashboard, a dropdown menu will appear. Click on the “Space Settings” option.

    Space Settings
  2. Under “Project Settings,” click “Project”. Then select the Project you would like to edit.

    Project settings
  3. Under “General,” you can alter the main settings for the Project.

    Project Key/Name

    Please note: If you change the Project Key, the URL will also change meaning any links, such as those sent in old notification emails, will no longer be valid.

  4. Each subcategory provides further options for customizing your Project. Select any other setting options you'd like.

  5. Click the “Submit” button to apply your changes.

Once you've established your preferred settings, you can add users to teams to making inviting them to Projects easier.