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Getting started with Backlog

This guide is divided into three user roles: Space Owner, Administrator, and User. Select the guide(s) relevant to you to learn about your role.

  • Space Owner

    The Space Owner is in charge of your Organization's Backlog account. They have access to all settings. They can set Access Controls for users (Premium and Max plan's only), change or cancel your Backlog plan, and change the Space Owner.

    Go to the Space Owner's Guide
  • Administrator

    Administrators can create and edit projects as well as alter your Space Settings. Multiple users can be assigned as Administrators.

    Go to the Administrator's Guide
  • User

    Users can contribute to projects. They can add, edit, and view issues, post comments, and change the status of issues. Additionally, they can add and edit categories and milestones/versions.

    Go to the User's Guide