Using API and Webhook, you'll be able to integrate Backlog with other services or create your own application to let your team use Backlog your own way.


By using API, you'll be able to use Backlog functions from other applications.

For example, you can add issues or comments from other applications, sum up your data, or develop and publish your own service(s).


Webhook is a function that sends information by HTTP request to a specified URL when the issue, comment, Wiki, file, Subversion or Git has been added or updated.

For example, Backlog can be integrated with other services and applications by notifying through a chat application that the issue has been updated, or by notifying to the build system when a push is made on Git.

Register application

To start developing an application with Backlog APIv2 using OAuth2 method, please register your application first to get your client_id and client_secret.