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Backlog Case Study: atWare, Inc.

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atWare is an IT firm whose core is systems construction built around open-source and other Java server-side technology. They actively adopt cloud services such as AWS to work towards flexible system development. They have implemented Nulab’s complete suite of collaboration software company wide to improve information sharing.

Key solutions used

Executive Summary

atWare was losing track of key employee performance and project reports. Information was getting lost in the email shuffle and they realized a better system for managing reports was needed. Backlog not only made it easy for everyone to access reports, but also allowed them to spot potential issues before they arose.


Reports were being prepared, managed, and sent manually to atWare team members. With three types of reports going out, it was easy to lose track of which ones had been received. Report emails were unable to breakthrough the inbox noise and would often be completely overlooked.

We used to manage and share reports by email, but they would get lost or forgotten. Backlog lets improved how we manage reports for each issue. All reports can now be found in the same project, making them much easier to review.

Koichiro Takenaga
Special Engineer

How Backlog helped

Backlog turned atWare’s file management issues around. In Special Engineer, Koichiro Takenaga, own words: "The situation has significantly improved after starting to manage them [reports] with Backlog."

Projects were created in Backlog to efficiently manage daily, weekly, and monthly reports all in one place—giving everyone easy access to documents and a way to indicate which ones had been reviewed. Keeping track of individual progress and potential issues became a breeze.

atWare also uses Backlog with Nulab’s other tools, Cacoo and Typetalk. Cacoo allows them to create materials that explain project procedures to our customers as well as to create diagrams of system formulas and configurations for discussions amongst developers. Typetalk is their internal chat tool for quick information sharing.


Backlog made file sharing a seamless experience for atWare employees. Backlog has become a staple in their business functions from reporting to managing travel expenses. They employee Backlog with the Nulab products to move goals forward.

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