Improved email notifications

Backlog’s email notification function provides a convenient way for you to be alerted of important updates without having to log in to Backlog every time. Many of you have been asking for improvements on this feature and today, we are delighted to introduce a few changes that will deliver more flexibility and convenience when you are selecting the type of updates you want to receive.

New Display

Email notification table

The first thing you will notice is that the selection table now looks different than before. New rows and columns have been added. Let’s take a closer look at these new additions.

1. Basic Default Settings for All Projects

We have added a horizontal row called “Basic Settings” that lets you apply universal settings to all projects in a click. Should you want to receive the project report of all projects, for example, you no longer have to check them one by one in the Project Report column. Simply check the Project Report box in the Basic Settings row and that will do the job.

Of course, if there is a particular project that you do not wish to apply the basic settings to, you can add it to the table and set a separate configuration for it. Click Browse and Add Project to search and add the project and then uncheck the boxes you do not want to receive email notifications for.

When a project is completed and you no longer need the individual settings you have configured for it, click on the “x” button at the end of the project’s row. The project will be removed from the table and email notifications for that project will return to default basic settings.

Note: this update does not change your existing email notification settings. If you want to apply basic settings to your projects, ensure that you also remove their individual configuration first.

2. Control Email Notifications for Wiki

Prior to this update, there were no controls for email notifications related to wikis for members on the receiving end. When a team member chooses to send an email notification when adding or updating a wiki, the entire team would receive it.

With this update, you can choose whether to receive the wiki-related email notifications that other project members have chosen to send by checking or unchecking the relevant boxes in the Wiki column.

3. Receive Email Notifications when You are Notified on Backlog

The other column added concerns the notifications you receive on Backlog. You can now be alerted via email when another member on your project team has notified you in an update. Even if you are not logged in to Backlog, you won’t have to miss another important update that concerns you.


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