Get notifications in Backlog when you are added to projects

Today, we are delighted to share that Backlog has been updated. With this update, you will be able to receive notifications whenever you are added to projects. You will also find a couple of other improvements as described below.

Receiving Notifications when Added to Projects

To make sharing information about newly added members easier, as well as to improve the method of alerting users to their new projects, the following functions have been added:

  • Option to include a short message in the invitation to a new project member.
  • Newly added members will be alerted through notifications in the global navigation bar.
  • The addition of new project members will be displayed as an update that other members can see on their dashboards under “Recent Updates”.

Other Improvements

The remaining improvements from last month’s Backlog Kaizen Week have been applied.

  • You can now copy the shortened URL while keeping the search conditions from the Find Issue page and from the Update Issues at Once page
  • Added two more colors to Category and Milestone progress bars


  • Some of the bugs reported in API V2 have been fixed.


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