Track the Backlog issues important to you with new ‘Watching Issues’ feature

In our latest update, we improved the ‘Watching Issues’ feature.

Watching Issues

With our new ‘Watching Issues’ function, you can:

  1. Know the progress of the issues that are important to you.
  2. Bookmark issues for easy retrieval.

To watch an issue, click the ‘Watch’ link on ‘Show issue’ page.


To view all watched issues, click the ‘Watching issues’ tab on the global bar.


The ‘Watching issues’ tab in the global bar will be shown in bold text when there is an unread update. In our new release, the watched issue’s subject will also be shown in bold text under the watching issues list.


You can add a personal note to each watched issue. This a great way to remind yourself of why you added an issue to your watching list. Personal notes are private, and only you can view them.

To add a personal note, hover over the issue you want to add a note and click the ‘Note’ link. A text area will appear for you to enter your note.


To stop watching an issue, click the ‘Delete’ link in the watching issues list on the global bar. You can also click the ‘Unwatch’ link on ‘Show issue’ page.


Other Changes in this release

  1. The bug that prevented the ‘Show all’ link for a child issue’s table from working on the Show issue page has been fixed.


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