Backlog now has improved navigation features

A planned update in early March will bring a change to the program’s navigation. We hope this advance announcement will help existing users seamlessly adjust to the new and improved settings.

Clicking the project icon will take you to the Project Home

As shown in the image below, you can currently access the Dashboard by clicking on the project icon.


Previous UI improvements allowed users to set the theme for each project, making the project icon more connected to the individual project. It became clear to us that it would be more suitable to have the project icon link to the Project Home page.

We do understand that if you are an existing user, you have grown accustomed to going to the Dashboard from the project icon. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working hard to ensure existing users and new users are comfortable with our program.

The Global Bar will be the way to go to the Dashboard!

We previously added the Global Bar, which remains at the top of the page as you scroll and contains a link to the Dashboard.


As shown in the image above, the link to the Dashboard and the project icon are located close together. We believe it will be an easy transition for users to click on the Dashboard link in the Global Bar instead of the project icon.

Although it may take existing users some time to adjust to the changes, we hope this preview will prepare you.

Get ready for a better Backlog in March!


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