Backlog releases new mobile UI for Android and iOS apps

Backlog’s mobile UI has some bold improvements with our latest update. We’ve implemented:

  • A completely new UI for both Android and iOS apps
  • Improved information architecture
  • Simplified three-step issue create/edit process
  • New branding and colors

backlog mobile ui before and after

New UI

The user interface has been entirely revamped to focus on user priorities and ease-of-use. Moreover, the look and feel of the UI now look similar on both Android and iOS platforms for a seamless user experience.

backlog ios app before after

Information Architecture

The redesigned app has cards in Notifications and Recent Updates that quickly let you scan information to understand what is going on.

backlog information architecture

Three Step Issue Create/Edit Process

The create/edit process of an issue is now broken down into three easy steps.

backlog issues

New Branding and Colors

Furthermore, we updated the app with our new branding and colors. They’re used consistently throughout to make it a more productive experience.

Putting it all Together

Our latest update to Backlog is about making your mobile experience simpler and more effective on-the-go. Information is easier to obtain, and issues are quicker to update. Plus, we’ve adapted our rebranding to the app to give you a more modern, sleek app experience.

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