Kaizen Week 2015 (Part 1)


Hello! Yoshiko here, reporting on our annual Backlog Kaizen Week. Nulab held this year’s Kaizen Week from May 11-15.

About Kaizen Week

Kaizen in Japanese means improving, changing for the better. During this week, we only focused on making improvements to Backlog. For this year’s Kaizen, all of Nulab’s developers (not just from the Backlog team, but also from Cacoo and Typetalk) joined. This year, we successfully improved 60 issues!!

It wasn’t easy, but we did it!


During Kaizen Week, we shared our statuses on Typetalk and during daily morning meetings. I really enjoyed it because I don’t usually get many chances to talk with Nulabers in other teams or locations. Even for the developers who just joined Nulab recently, I believe it was a great opportunity to get to know about Backlog.

To improved 60 issues in 5 days, it’s actually a very impressive achievement! This year’s issues were harder to deal with than those from last year–which, incidentally, was our first Kaizen Week.

On the last day, we had a debriefing (and celebration). We told ourselves that we would treat ourselves to sushi if we resolved 100 issues. We only reached 60, but we had sushi anyway. 😆  A big thank you to our dear co-founders, Masa, Toshi and Shin!! We will keep holding Kaizen Week every year. We also plan to start Kaizen Week for Cacoo and Typetalk.

List of achievements


  • In the “Notify comment” field, you can quickly select all the participants of an issue (previous assignees, commenters, and etc.).Notify comment
  • When you chose an “assignee”, the current or previous assignee for that issue will appear at the top of the user list.
  • Resolved: the initial click didn’t work if you deleted “Users who you want to notify comment to.” 
  • Modify the window size when you add a child issue.child issue
  • In the list of child issues, the file icon appears when a file attached.

  • Closed child issues won’t appear in the list of child issues.

  • Change the status of each issue while editing them.

  • Quote the details of an issue in the comments.Quote the details

  • When you leave a comment in the section of “Change status” in the side bar,  it won’t automatically scroll down to the bottom of screen.

  • The name of a custom attribute won’t wrap if it is too long.

  • An error message will appear when you upload a milestone that you already deleted.

  • When you scroll through the selection box, you won’t accidentally scroll down the browser window.

  • Bug Fixed: date format (YYYY/MM/DD) appeared incorrectly when page first loads.

  • Bug Fixed: delayed loading of the issue description.

  • Bug Fixed: parent issue key was not linked in the comment when you change the parent issue.

  • Bug Fixed: the word “cancel” wrapped when you added a file.


  • Wikis that have been deleted will appear in the list as dead links.dead link
  • Create new wikis from copies of existing ones.Copy wiki

  • Toolbar design is now more user-friendly.Toolbar

  • Resolved: New wiki’s content was missing when you saw the preview in IE.

  • Bug Fixed: when bullet points and numbered lists mixed together, bullet points became numbers.

  • Bug Fixed: couldn’t choose the font when exporting PDF.

  • Bug Fixed: couldn’t export PDF in Korean.

  • Revised explanation in the English language version.

Notations (format)

  • Checklist formats were added.
    Note: Currently available only for issue descriptions. See Formatting Rules for details (Backlog / Markdown).check list

  • Markdown inline format code assistance is available.
  • Resolved: strikethrough tool now works on multiple lines.

Update filtered issues all at once

  • Resolved: difficult to see where issues displayed on the right wherein the list on the left. (Issue key on the right was linked to the issue.)Issues all


  • Members section added to search bar results.All search

  • In the list of “Recently Viewed Issues”, hovering reveals a button to copy the issue key and subject.
  • Bug Fixed: pages between different search filters were offset.
  • Bug Fixed: keyword search didn’t work in IE.

Gantt chart

  • Longer retention period of groupings such as display settings.

  • Detail popup has a copy button for the issue key and subject.

  • Resolved: Gantt appeared to protrude from the scale.


  • If you have used up most of the available space in Backlog, the current usage rate will be displayed (note: this is only available for administrator).strage



  • Filtered by permissions/roles.

  • Sort by their nickname and e-mail address.List of space users

  • Choose a group when adding a new user.

  • Resolved: icon design had collapsed a little when you added users.

  • Search feature added to find projects when adding users. (Useful when you have a long list of projects.)Add space user


  • New groups added to the bottom of the list of groups.
  • Resolved: typing more than 20 characters for a group name disabled the registration button. (Now you are not able to type over this limit).

Project member

  • Button to assign the project manager moved to the top of the user list for easier access.

  • Bug Fixed: couldn’t sort members by the date they joined.

Project settings

  • Project administrators can add other project administrators.project admin


  • Enhanced speed of member search feature.

  • Bug Fixed: Hiragana and Kanji could not be searched using Romaji (English alphabet).


  • Login button was added to the Backlog website.Login

  • Bug Fixed: hovering over the user icon displayed a description in Japanese (even if the language setting was not Japanese) in the latest update of Git.

  • Resolved: could not add stars from Backlog on the iPad.

  • Improved the contents of Star mail (email received when you are awarded stars in Backlog).

  • Resolved: Password expiration reminder previously displayed error screen.
  • Easier for users to add a star in Android.

  • In the setting of the language and time zone, English typo was fixed.

  • APK file icon was added.

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