Watching issues support & preview come to Backlog for iOS

This week our “Watching Issues” feature comes to Backlog for iOS users, and we make formatting text on your device a little easier.

Backlog’s Watching Issues List

Back in June, we introduced our Watching Issues feature for our web app. This handy feature allows you to prioritize track your highest priority issues on a Watch List, so you stay up to date and focused on your most important work.

Today we are bringing this feature to iOS.

Watch list for Backlog

Under the “My Issues” tab, you’ll find the new Watch filter which you can select to view all the items you’re currently watching. Add a note by tapping the more button.

Text Preview

Formatting text on a small device can feel like playing a game of Operation while wearing a giant foam finger.

To help you avoid common typos and mistakes, we’ve added a preview feature. Preview and edit your formatted text before submitting by tapping the rightmost button on keyboard’s toolbar.

Issue description Text preview


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