Backlog for iOS is here!

Since many of us are always working on the go these days, it is important that we can access all our important files and work updates wherever we are and at any time we need to. That is why the Backlog team has decided to bring Backlog to iOS. Whether you’re jumping from one meeting to the next, going on business trips or even just out getting lunch, you can have your Backlog updates at your finger tips while you’re away from your computer.

View Updates Quickly


The moment you launch the Backlog iOS app, you will be able to see a list of recent updates. Find an issue that concerns you? Click on it to learn more about the issue in detail. Toggle between Issue and Comment to read issue description and to view and post comments.

Comment and Notify


Just like the web version of Backlog, you can add people to be notified on your comments. Simply hit the + button next to the text entry box then tap on Add users to notify, and you will see a list of your team members in the project that you can include in the notification.

View Notifications

Notifications on issues and comments from team members are probably your utmost priority. The Backlog iOS app has a page dedicated to your notifications, letting you respond to important issues and comments notified to you and not missing out on any one of them.

Files and Wiki


Access and view files or wiki that have been uploaded or updated recently. To view file attachments, go to the issue that they have been attached to and look under Attachments. To view a wiki, click on the wiki link from the Recent updates page.

Backlog and Markdown Formats

If your team members have selected to use a specific format, either Backlog or Markdown format, in certain comments and wikis, they will be displayed in their respective formats on Backlog iOS as well.

Do take note that Backlog iOS does not support the package version at the moment. Currently, the following features are also not available:

  • Add, search and change status of issues
  • Access Git and SVN menus
  • View My Issues list from dashboard

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