Easier searching in Backlog for iOS

The first thing you may notice in our iOS 1.5 update is the pulldown button on the top-left corner of the main page. Tap the button for a dropdown list of all your projects. Select a project from the list to filter recent updates for that project. You can also filter recent updates by user. Long press the pulldown button for a dropdown list of users and select a user to view his or her activities.

Filter recent updates by project Recent updates by user

Filtering options are now available for issue, wiki, file, and pull request lists. Go to the Project page and tap the filter icon at the top-right corner to set filtering options. Hit the back arrow after changing the filtering options to reload the page.

Project issues Project issues filtering options

Wiki list is now available in tree view. For more information about wiki tree view in Backlog, please refer to this guideline. We also added file segment to the Project page in order to easily browse project files. Tap a file to open its preview.

Wiki tree view en_6_project_files

More updates and improvements:

  • Available in more languages (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Vietnamese)
  • Now able to delete issue or wiki. Administrators — and also normal users for wiki — have the option to Edit or Delete when edit icon is tapped.
  • Now able to add stars from recent updates page
  • Improved star details
  • Attachment icon on update and comment cells visible
  • Due date and priority on issue list visible
  • Tap multi-issue update to show details
  • Bug fixes


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