Backlog gets updated notification emails

Since the release of our company’s rebranding, we’ve been working towards giving all of Nulab’s product’s a branded update. Recently, we refreshed Backlog’s UI. Now, we’re updating its notification emails to reflect our brand’s more modern sensibilities.

You’ll notice the following changes to your Backlog notification emails:

  • Sender address + name
  • Email subject
  • Email design

Sender address + name

First off, we’re making the sender address and name more useful.

Sender address

The sender address for notification emails will now include a unique number for each user. This change is aimed at preventing your Backlog emails from accidentally finding their way into your junk mail, where they’re about as useful as the packed lunch you left at home this morning.

The sender address will look like this: notifications-{unique number for each user} (e.g.

Sender name

The sender name will now include the user’s name + “via Backlog” (e.g. Russell via Backlog), so it’s easier to discern email coming from your teammates via Backlog vs. directly.

We want you to get the most out of your notifications, which means not confusing them with other emails you may need to attend to.

Email subject

We’ve improved our email subject lines to make each status easier to understand. We also added the Project Key and Repository Name to all Pull Request emails.

Note: You will not see these changes if you enabled the “Do not include status info emails” option in your Email Settings.

Add issue
Before [NULAB-123] New “Design update HTML templates”
After [NULAB-123] Issue added: Design update HTML templates
Add pull request
Before [#123] Pull Request Add “Design update HTML templates”
After [NULAB/backlog-app/#123] Pull request added: Design update HTML templates

Email design

In line with Nulab’s new branding, we have redesigned the look and feel of our emails. The new design includes larger icons and text, making it easier to find the info you need, quickly.


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