New Backlog API features including wiki, notifications, stars, and more

We’ve added more Backlog APIs while we developed its iPhone app. Today we’ve made them available to the public as Backlog API version 2.

In addition to the APIs on XML-RPC API, more APIs have been added and improved for new features. Here are some examples.

For details about using API and its request parameters and response data, please check the Backlog API page of Developer’s site.

* XML-RPC API will not be updated but it still can be used.

Wiki APIs are added

Wiki APIs that were not a part of XML-RPC API are added.
Now you can get Wiki data or add a new Wiki page through API.

Notification APIs are added

Notification APIs were previously not included in XML-RPC API either. Now they are available.
List of notifications can be retrieved or you can make notifications to be marked as read by API. When you get an issue’s comment data with API, data regarding notifications are now included.

Star APIs are added

APIs for Star features have been added too.
Adding stars and retrieving information about starred issues, comments, and Wiki pages can be done with Star APIs. Moreover, users can get a list of stars they have received through API.

REST based interface and JSON format response

For Backlog API version 2, we adopted REST for its interface and JSON format for response.

Authorization method

XML-RPC API only supported Basic authorization method which used user name and password. Backlog API version 2 supports two types of authorization methods – API key method and OAuth2 method (coming soon). API keys can be generated or deleted on the Personal Settings page.

With this change, user ID and password will not be required to use API. API can be used more safely.

Official API library

We are planning to provide Backlog4j version 2, which supports the usage of Backlog API version 2 in Java. Backlog4j sample code page will be also published during that time.


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