3 new features on Backlog for Android

Hello Android users!  We’re pleased to introduce three new features for Backlog Android app version 1.1.

1. Create new issues anytime, anywhere

Ideas can come to you on the subway, in a car or even at a restaurant.  Don’t risk losing your thoughts while waiting to get back to your desk!  With this latest update, you can create issues in Backlog from your mobile device.  Start creating issues anytime, anywhere!

Just go to the project for which you want to create a new issue, expand your options by selecting the floating green plus button on the bottom right, and select “New Issue” (circled below).

Screenshot_2015-04-28-14-55-05   Screenshot_2015-04-28-14-56-57

2. More mobile-friendly communication

Typing long sentences on a mobile device is tedious, so your team members tend to reply with short, often one-worded responses.  An unfortunate consequence is that communication comes across as being curt and unfriendly sometimes.  Backlog Android version 1.1 solves this issue by providing emojis like in our online browser version.  Express your intentions with smiley faces and other fun symbols!

Toggle between Backlog’s emoji dictionary and your keyboard by selecting the green smiley face icon (circled below).

Screenshot_2015-04-28-14-59-30    Screenshot_2015-04-28-15-01-38

3. Attaching pictures is easy & fast

Previously, you attached images to an issue by sending the images from your mobile device to your laptop and uploading them from there. This is no longer necessary with version 1.1. You can attach images directly from your mobile device!

Select the green paperclip when you’re writing a comment to browse your files.  After selecting the desired images, press OK to post it.

(Note: While uploading your images, please make sure the Exif image file specifications are not deleted.)

Screenshot_2015-04-28-15-02-32   Screenshot_2015-04-28-15-22-27


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