Anytime, anywhere—the Backlog for Android app is here!

Thank you, Android users, for waiting. Backlog for Android has finally been released!

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You can now use Backlog anytime, anywhere, to stay up-to-date on the latest information about your ongoing projects.

The Android app has some different functions from its iOS counterpart. I will guide you through the Backlog Android app with some helpful images below.

View Updates Quickly

Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-50-34   Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-50-55   Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-51-16

The moment you launch the Backlog Android app, you will be able to see a list of recent updates. See an issue that concerns you? Select it to learn more about the issue in detail; read its description and view or post comments while notifying other users.

Edit Issues

Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-51-35   Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-51-42   Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-51-54

Go to any issue. Open the issue settings by selecting the pencil icon in the upper righthand corner. There you are able to change the Status, Assignee, Priority, Categories, Milestones, Description and other attributes.

View My Issues

Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-52-14   Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-52-20   Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-52-24

Return to the homepage (Recent Updates) and select the icon in the upper lefthand corner to open the drawer for additional options. Selecting My Issues shows you a list of issues to which you are assigned or have created. You can check the tasks and chase the issue(s) you created.

View Projects (Updates/Issues/Wikis)

Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-53-18   Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-53-23   Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-53-34

When viewing My Issues, you will also be able to see each project’s information. So you can easily grasp the situation of the project by seeing its recent updates, issues, and Wiki list.

View Notifications

Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-53-40   Screenshot_2015-03-02-17-53-47

Notifications about issues and comments from team members are probably your utmost priority. The Backlog Android app has a page dedicated to your notifications, letting you respond to important issues and comments notified to you. We make sure you’re not missing out on any of these important updates.

Search within all projects


Do you sometimes forget which project an issue belongs to, but you definitely remember seeing it? No problem. You can use a keyword search among all projects.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the Backlog Android app!

Please take note that the Backlog Android app does not support the package version at the moment. Currently, the following features are also not available:

  • Access Git and SVN menus
  • Add new Issue(coming soon)

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