Activity filtering & commenting features on Backlog for iOS

Our latest update to Backlog for iOS allows you to:

  • Filter the activity you view by user,
  • Quote previous comments within your own issue comments, and
  • Edit your comments.

You’ll also notice better rendering of your emojis and universal link support when opening Backlog links from other apps.

Filter Activity by User

To filter activity by user, tap the filter icon on the home screen and select a user. Cancel filtering by tapping the clear button.

Quote Previous Comments in Your Reply

Quoting previous comments, questions, and feedback is an easy way to keep conversations organized. It’s a useful function on desktop, and now, we’re bringing it to mobile.

Next time you need to reference a prior comment on an issue, just tap the quote button on top of that comment. The content of that comment will automatically populate into quote syntax within your new comment. Simply add your reply and hit submit.

Edit Comments

Autocorrect is a common enemy on mobile, which is why being able to edit your comments is so important.

To edit on mobile, tap the”<>” icon to reveal more options, then tap the edit icon to begin editing your comment.

Updated Emojis

We refreshed our emojis earlier this year. Now, they are rendered beautifully on Backlog for iOS. Please note that we haven’t included the emoji input panel in this version. 🙇

Universal Link Support

Next time you open a Backlog link to an issue or wiki from another app (e.g. email app, messaging app, etc.), they will open directly in the Backlog for iOS app instead of your mobile browser.

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